Founded in September 2023, Heed was born out of a deep-rooted passion for design and an unwavering commitment to promoting mental well-being. As the founder, I leveraged my extensive background in fashion retail leadership to create a brand that goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to spark conversations, eradicate stigma, and encourage open discussions about mental health in our current times.

Our logo embodies the concept of managing the noise and chaos that surrounds us. It symbolizes the power to take control of this noise, either by containing it within ourselves or by creating a barrier between us and the outside world. The name "Heed" was carefully chosen for its meaning, which is to pay attention or take notice of. We want our customers to pay attention to themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings, prioritizing their well-being amidst the daily stresses of life. Additionally, the name pays homage to my Scottish roots, as "Heid" means "head" in Scottish. The phrase "Keep the heid" signifies staying calm under pressure, and although spelled differently, our name carries the same sound and spirit.

At Heed, our mission is to make our logo a constant reminder for both wearers and observers to stay calm, take control of their lives, and prioritize their well-being in every situation. Our strap line, "YOU GOOD?", serves as an invitation to genuinely check in on others and foster meaningful conversations and human connection.

We are thrilled to announce that Heed releases a new range of products each month, and soon, we will be launching limited edition items on a weekly basis. These exclusive pieces will be available for a limited time alongside our continuous core range, which can be found on our website. Our limited edition items will feature mental health-driven graphic t-shirts and fashion-forward pieces, all incorporating our core message logo.

Together, let's create a world where self-care and self-expression coexist, and where conversations about mental well-being are embraced and celebrated.